MMAPA is a non-for profit association comprised of the leading Medicaid and Medicare Advantage organizations in Puerto Rico: Humana, MCS, MMM/PMC and Triple-S Advantage. This association was born in 2009 to evaluate and act about the implications of new government policy on funding for Puerto Rico’s healthcare system.

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Legislative Proposal 

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About Us

 MMAPA is engaging on issues of vital importance to the U.S. citizens living in the Puerto Rico, such as PROMESA Task Force, as well as working with the Congressional Committees with jurisdiction over healthcare matters. Puerto Rico healthcare stakeholders have been actively presenting with other local stakeholders and the government, legislative proposals to resolve health care disparities. We believe that any long term solutions to Puerto Rico’s fiscal crisis must include federal legislation equitable treatment in Medicaid, Medicare, and other health care laws.

Administrative Proposal 

MMAPA developed and submitted specific proposals to the Federal Government on the STARs program, the Medicare Advantage Risk Score model, as well as other recommendations to HHS and CMS leadership. Currently, MMAPA is part of a joint work group with HHS/CMS to address Medicare FFS data issue.

Policy and Advocacy Record 

Track Record to Eliminate Inequalities in Health Care Program in Puerto Rico.