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MMAPA, the Medicaid and Medicare Advantage Products Association, is a non-profit composed of the leading Medicaid and Medicare Advantage organizations in Puerto Rico: First Medical, Humana, MCS, MMM/PMC, Plan de Salud Menonita, and Triple-S Advantage. Founded in 2009, MMAPA advocates for increased government investment in the Puerto Rican health care system.

The federal government has long underfunded federal health programs for the American citizens of Puerto Rico; per capita federal funding levels for Medicaid and Medicare Advantage on the island are lower than those for any state in the nation. Congress also funds federal health care programs in Puerto Rico on short-term bases, regularly subjecting that funding to federal politics and jeopardizing these Americans' access to care.

MMAPA's mission is to develop policy proposals that sustain and improve funding for Medicaid and Medicare  Advantage beneficiaries and the Puerto Rican health care system at large. To achieve this, MMAPA members educate, advocate to, and collaborate with local and federal officials to stabilize and increase investments in the island's health care system.

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Our Mission

At MMAPA, our mission is to sustain and improve funding for Medicare Advantage and Medicaid beneficiaries and the Puerto Rican healthcare system through advocacy and education. We believe that every person deserves access to high-quality healthcare services.

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