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Achieving Equity in the Treatment of Dual Eligible Beneficiaries Act

MMAPA urges Members of the U.S. House to become original cosponsors of Resident Commissioner Jenniffer González’s legislation to mitigate historic Medicare funding disparities in  Puerto Rico. Learn more below.

Legislative Fixes Provided in this Bill

  • Ensures rates in Puerto Rico more accurately reflect the cost of delivering care by establishing a national minimum MA average geographic adjustment (AGA) of 0.7. Furthermore, requires that plans use no less than 50% of the increase in funds for enhanced provider compensation under Medicare A & B benefits, while the remaining proportion is used for supplemental benefit enhancements and cost-sharing reductions.

  • Statutory language at SSA § 1905(p)(4) makes the Medicare Savings Program discretionary for the Territories. This legislation amends the SSA to end that discretionary option beginning in fiscal year 2024 and thereby ensures that Puerto Rico implements the Medicare Savings Program for 2024.

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