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MMAPA Elects New President, Board of Directors for 2022

Washington, D.C. – The Board of Directors of the Medicaid and Medicare Advantage Products Association of Puerto Rico (MMAPA) announced today that the organization has elected Roberto Pando Cintrón as President for the 2022–2023 term. Pando Cintrón is the President of MMAPA member company MCS Advantage, Inc., and he will lead MMAPA's efforts to advocate for equitable treatment of Puerto Rico's federal health programs, including Medicaid and Medicare Advantage (MA). Pando Cintrón succeeds Roberto García, CEO and President of Triple-S Management, who served as President beginning in September of 2020. García will continue to serve as a Board Member, joining the following roster of Board officers:

  • Luis Torres, President of Humana – Secretary

  • Juan Domínguez, Vice President of First Medical – Treasurer

  • Ricardo Hernández, CEO of Menonita – Board Member

  • Orlando Gonzalez Rivera, President of MMM – Board Member

"The people of Puerto Rico are American citizens who pay Medicare payroll tax, and the time to take action toward an adequately funded health care system that works for them is now. Puerto Rico's per capita expense on healthcare is $4,300 compared to the $12,200 national average, and not fixing Medicare Advantage and Medicaid contributes to this widening gap every year," said Pando Cintrón. "I'm honored to serve as president of MMAPA, especially at a time when we have so much important work to do for the people we serve. We will continue to fight for fair and equitable treatment of Puerto Rico's federal health programs and advocate to federal policymakers on behalf of patients, doctors, and managed care organizations." Medicaid and MA are essential to Puerto Rico's health infrastructure but are severely underfunded. Medicaid supports over 1.5 million beneficiaries in Puerto Rico–approximately half the island's population–but receives just 32% of the mainland average in per capita federal spending. MA serves 630,000 beneficiaries or 80% of eligible seniors in Puerto Rico, but the island receives just 59% of the mainland average in benchmark funding. Equitable funding for Medicaid and MA is a much-needed step toward stabilizing the island's health care system. -- About MMAPA The Medicaid and Medicare Advantage Products Association of Puerto Rico (MMAPA) is a non-profit organization composed of the leading Medicaid and Medicare Advantage organizations in Puerto Rico. Founded in 2009, MMAPA is dedicated to promoting policy solutions to solve Puerto Rico’s health care challenges. Follow MMAPA on Twitter at @mmapapr or visit our website,

Media Contact: Phalen Kuckuck Hamilton Place Strategies

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